Safety Guidelines

SAFRA Swim For Hope

Safety Guidelines

Before Swim

» Each wave of participants are to proceed to the briefing area 30 mins before their swim, where the safety brief will be given.

Start of Swim

» The swim will commence when the air horn is sounded off.
» Each wave of swim last for 2hrs (including 10mins of exiting and clearing the pool for next wave of participants).
» Each lap is 50m and from one end to the other end across the pool will be considered as one lap swam.
» You are to queue and only enter the pool via the starting point.
» Should you need to leave the pool, Exit via both ends of the swimming pool, and not halfway.

During the swim

» For your safety as well as the other participants, you are not allowed to rest in the pool for more than 1 minute to prevent congestion.
» At the end of each lap (50m), it is required for you to take the rubber band from our volunteers, and make a u-turn under the lane ropes. Do not swim back into the same lane.
» At any point of time should you feel that you are holding onto too many rubber bands, you may exit the pool to deposit the rubber bands at our Tabulation Area by the side of the pool and continue with your swim after depositing the rubber bands to our volunteers.
» You are strongly encouraged not to accumulate more than 20 rubber bands at any one point.
» Remember do not crowd the tabulation area. Please queue in orderly manner.
» For fast swimmers, always overtake on the right within the same lane.
» For slower swimmers, please keep to the left within the same lane.

Nearing the End of Swim

» 10 minutes before the end of each slot (i.e 1hr 50mins mark), the emcee will make the announcement for you to finish their last laps before exiting the pool.
» A long horn will be sounded off to signal the end of the slot/swim. The emcee will make an announcement for the swimmers to stop swimming, or to finish the lap if they are halfway through, and proceed to exit the pool from either ends of the pool.

End of Swim/Slot

» Please exit the pool in a safe manner.
» You are encourage to proceed out of the event compound in a safe and orderly manner, collect your belongings at our Bag Deposit/Collection Point.
» Please flash your swimming wrist tag to our volunteers for their marking.
» Do remember to collect the medals before exiting the event compound.

First-Aid/Health & Safety

» Please be reminded to keep yourself hydrated.
» Should you require any medical assistance before/during/after the swim, do alert our volunteers, lifeguards and medics on ground.
» For participants undertaking multiple slots, please ensure you have sufficient rest and keep yourself hydrated before your next swim block.

Bad Weather/Contingency Plans


» If the PSI falls between 101 and 200, the swim will be modified with additional of a mandatory 15 minutes break every 1 hour of swim for the health precaution/considerations of our swimmers. There will be no extension to the duration of the swim due to the 15mins break given.
» If the PSI rises to above 200, the swim will be cancelled immediately.
» No transfer of slots should there be any affected participants due to cancellation of the swim.

CAT 1 (Rain with Lightning Alert)

» At our lifeguards alert, emcee will announce the discontinuation of the swim.
» All participants to leave the pool and seek for shelter.
» There will be no transfer of slots for any affected participants (i.e participants from the affected slots will not be able to join the next slots of swim).
» Affected participants to change and receive medals upon exit.

CAT 2 (Rain without Lightning)

» Swim will continue as lifeguard will follow closely on the weather updates.
» Participants are allowed to leave the pool should they wish to discontinue.

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