Membership Grand Draw


All valid SAFRA members will stand a chance to drive away with a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet or get away on a trip of a lifetime for 2 person to Maldives, Santorini, Las Vegas and other exciting locations*! To increase your chances, simply renew 3-year SAFRA Membership for the fee of 1 year, sign up for new SAFRA EnergyOne Gym membership, spend at SAFRA Clubs or let your unredeemed SAFRAPOINTS be converted into grand draw chances.

There are a total of 50 prizes to be won! Qualifying period is from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2018.

SAFRA Membership Grand Draw 2018

Prize No. Prizes
1st Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet^
2nd Return air tickets for 2 to Maldives (including 4-night resort stay)
3rd Return air tickets for 2 to Santorini, Greece (including 4-night hotel stay)
4th Return air tickets for 2 to Las Vegas, USA
5th Return air tickets for 2 to Cape Town, South Africa
6th Return air tickets for 2 to Barcelona, Spain
7th Return air tickets for 2 to Osaka, Japan
8th Royal Caribbean Cruise tickets for 2 to Penang & Phuket (4 nights)
9th Return air tickets for 2 to Sydney, Australia
10th Return air tickets for 2 to Boracay, Philippines
11th to 15th iRobot Roomba® 890
16th to 20th Microsoft Xbox One X (1TB Console)
21st to 25th 1-night stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel
26th to 30th 1-night stay at The Westin, Singapore Hotel
31st to 40th $400 Gain City Vouchers
41st to 50th $200 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers

Chances will be accorded automatically. Additional 10 chances are awarded to eligible members who have extended their SAFRA Membership for 3 years at the price of 1 and/or registered for NS50 1 year complimentary SAFRA membership within the eligible period (as stated in the full terms & conditions).

*Terms & Conditions

All valid existing members aged 18 and above (as of 31 Dec 2018) will stand a chance in the Grand Draw. Additional chances will be awarded if any of the above criteria is fulfilled.
The earning of Grand Draw chances through $50 accumulated spending at SAFRA applies to:
» Spending at all participating SAFRAPOINTS merchants in SAFRA Clubs (except for McDonald’s). Click here for the list of participating merchants.
» Signing up/renewing for SAFRA Membership, SAFRA Interest Group’s membership fees or E1 Gym’s membership fees (including quarterly payments and entry fees).
» Booking SAFRA operated facilities and/or D’Resort stays (under SAFRA operated units).
» Paying for SAFRA organised activities (for payments made through SAFRA).
» Purchase of SAFRA – NTUC group insurance policies (for payments made through SAFRA)
Only SAFRAPOINTS earned between 1 Dec 2017 to 30 Nov 2018 and unredeemed by 31 Dec 2018 are applicable for the chances.
Please click here to view the full terms and conditions.
^ Prize excludes COE, registration fees, road tax, insurance, IU installation, number plate, servicing package and other related costs & incidentals. Car image is for illustration purposes only. For more details of the car, please refer here.
# Only applicable to new EnergyOne membership sign-ups.

SAFRA Membership Grand Draw 2017 Winners

Prize Number NRIC Name Prize
1 Sxxxx123D FONG HOU WAI Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 380 TSI 2.0L
2 Sxxxx357E KOH LENG CHOON Return air tickets for 2 to Orlando, USA (including 4 nights stay at a 4-stars hotel) + tickets for 2 to Universal’s Studios Harry Potter
3 Sxxxx675H MUHAMMAD SYAFIQ BIN MOHD ISMAIL Return air tickets for 2 to Paris, France (including 4 nights stay at a 4-stars hotel) + tickets for 2 to Disneyland
4 Sxxxx122D ANG ZHI-EN REUBEN Return air tickets for 2 to Tokyo, Japan + tickets for 2 to Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea
5 Sxxxx381H CHUA ZHEN CHUAN Return air tickets for 2 to Dubai + tickets for 2 to Ferrari Theme Park
6 Sxxxx132F LEE CHUAN HO Return air tickets for 2 to Seoul, South Korea + tickets for 2 to Everland
7 Sxxxx391C NG WEI ZHAN Return air tickets for 2 to Shanghai, China + tickets for 2 to Disneyland
8 Sxxxx837H GOH LEK CHONG Return air tickets for 2 to Hong Kong + tickets for 2 to Disneyland
9 Sxxxx077Z LU JUNCHENG Return air tickets for 2 to Manila, Philippines + tickets for 2 to Enchanted Kingdom
10 Sxxxx253E TOH HUI TECK VICTOR Return air tickets for 2 to Bangkok, Thailand + tickets for 2 to Siam Park City
11 Sxxxx582J CHEONG SOON SENG MICHAEL Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Intel Core M3 128GB, 4GB)
12 Sxxxx410D KHOO KAY-TEK Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Intel Core M3 128GB, 4GB)
13 Sxxxx136J TEO YEW BENG Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Intel Core M3 128GB, 4GB)
14 Sxxxx946D LIM CHOON TECK Samsung 49 inch Smart LED TV
15 Sxxxx423A NG CHOONG HOW Samsung 49 inch Smart LED TV
16 Sxxxx156B KHAIRUL SALLEH BIN JOHARI Samsung 49 inch Smart LED TV
17 Sxxxx335D ANDREW QUEK KOK SIANG Playstation 4 1TB
18 Sxxxx953H JAYA PRASAD S/O JAYA PARAGAS Playstation 4 1TB
19 Sxxxx849G QUEK KAI HOO Playstation 4 1TB
20 Sxxxx774D HARIS FADHILLAH BIN ISMAIL Playstation 4 1TB
21 Sxxxx732Z TAN HOCK HEE $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
22 Sxxxx552D THAM KWOK CHEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
23 Sxxxx020I WOR YUAN MING $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
24 Sxxxx086B YAU TUCK CHEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
25 Sxxxx343J MUHAMMAD KHAIRUL BIN MUHAMMAD KEMAL $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
26 Sxxxx648D MUHAMMAD NOOR SHAFIQ BIN HASSAN $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
27 Sxxxx771B VIJAYA KUMAR $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
28 Sxxxx159D PHAN YEOK SENG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
29 Sxxxx875A NG KIN WAI $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
30 Sxxxx771Z LIM PENG KUAN AMBROSE $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
31 Sxxxx612C CHAN KWOK CHEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
32 Sxxxx522G TAN JIAN HAO $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
33 Sxxxx939Z ONG LEONG MING $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
34 Sxxxx351A TOH THIAM HUI $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
35 Sxxxx284C YIN SIEW CHEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
36 Sxxxx031C RETHINAM ULAGAPAN $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
37 Sxxxx291G BIN HEE PING $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
38 Sxxxx091H ANDREW EPAPHRODITUS TAY SWEE KWANG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
39 Sxxxx054F ONG HENRY $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
40 Sxxxx588Z TAN WAH YONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
41 Sxxxx272H YEOH WOEI MING $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
42 Sxxxx891E POH CHONG MEI LEON $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
43 Sxxxx903F LIM CHENG LEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
44 Sxxxx471I KIEW WEI SEN $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
45 Sxxxx045E KOH CHWEE KIAT $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
46 Sxxxx846B FOO CHEE SEONG $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
47 Sxxxx164H LAI CHEE KOK $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
48 Sxxxx731E MUHAMMAD HARRIE HAZWAN BIN RAHMAT $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
49 Sxxxx175A TEY AH LAM $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
50 Sxxxx836I NG YONG NGEE $300 Frasers Property Gift Card
51 Sxxxx587Z GOH ENG HOCK ERIC $200 CapitaVouchers
52 Sxxxx724A NG MENG CHEW SERVENI $200 CapitaVouchers
53 Sxxxx106I HUANG FURONG JEREMY $200 CapitaVouchers
54 Sxxxx131F WANG JINGWEN $200 CapitaVouchers
55 Sxxxx408D CHUN KUN JIE $200 CapitaVouchers
56 Sxxxx899I LIM CHONG KIAT JAMES $200 CapitaVouchers
57 Sxxxx651H TAN YI CHONG $200 CapitaVouchers
58 Sxxxx990F YEO SIEW HEE $200 CapitaVouchers
59 Sxxxx106A NOR FADZLEE BIN MOHD ALI $200 CapitaVouchers
60 Sxxxx638C LOO LEONARD $200 CapitaVouchers
61 Sxxxx816F FU ZHIYIN $200 CapitaVouchers
62 Sxxxx096A HIRMAN BIN ABDUL RAHMAN $200 CapitaVouchers
63 Sxxxx100G LIM MING JIE GABRIEL $200 CapitaVouchers
64 Sxxxx174B LIEW HAR CHYE $200 CapitaVouchers
65 Sxxxx406C WINSTON LIU TINGSHENG $200 CapitaVouchers
66 Sxxxx223Z KUMANESAN RAMANI $200 CapitaVouchers
67 Sxxxx313E YEO BOON KIAT $200 CapitaVouchers
68 Sxxxx703H CHOO KWEE HEE $200 CapitaVouchers
69 Sxxxx949D WANG MINGJIE $200 CapitaVouchers
70 Sxxxx780J MICHAEL PEH HAN SEN $200 CapitaVouchers
71 Sxxxx545I SOH JUN RONG $200 CapitaVouchers
72 Sxxxx223J KOH KEE TECK $200 CapitaVouchers
73 Sxxxx086H TAN TONG SING $200 CapitaVouchers
74 Sxxxx109D SEE KOK HONG $200 CapitaVouchers
75 Sxxxx252I NEW BOON PING $200 CapitaVouchers
76 Sxxxx454G TAY HOO WEE $200 CapitaVouchers
77 Sxxxx936Z POH JING YONG AVRON $200 CapitaVouchers
78 Sxxxx723G YIP HON MOON JOSEPH $200 CapitaVouchers
79 Sxxxx199F LI YAO'AN $200 CapitaVouchers
80 Sxxxx342H ANG KOCK MING $200 CapitaVouchers
81 Sxxxx511H HONG WEI LIANG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
82 Sxxxx832B TEO CHYE WAH $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
83 Sxxxx736H LIM KUAN LIANG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
84 Sxxxx188F SEE LAY CHENG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
85 Sxxxx423A SIAH JASON $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
86 Sxxxx200J SIRAJ OMAR $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
87 Sxxxx363G LIM CHWEE GUAN $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
88 Sxxxx097H WONG WAI SENG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
89 Sxxxx864Z WONG KWOK MENG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
90 Sxxxx919Z TEO SIEW POH $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
91 Sxxxx625J LI JIAWEI KENNETH $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
92 Sxxxx268Z SHAUN LIM WEI KIAN $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
93 Sxxxx346G LIM KIAN IN $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
94 Sxxxx665I THAM YEW PARNG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
95 Sxxxx714D LIM ENG SOON $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
96 Sxxxx554A CHAI CHON SOON GREGORY $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
97 Sxxxx724Z LIM BOON CHONG $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
98 Sxxxx322B AMEETPAL SINGH NARULLA $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
99 Sxxxx213H ZABAR BIN HUSIN $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
100 Sxxxx716F PHUA SIEW BOON $100 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers
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