Walk Down Purvis Street: manicurious

Walk Down Purvis Street: manicurious

How time flies when you are dining on good food! After a month long of gastronomical delights, we thought it would be apt to end off our culinary adventure on a sweet note. Thus, we were off to hunt for a nice quiet café.

Though Purvis Street was littered with countless of full fledge eateries, it was surprisingly sparse of café joints. Fortunately, we managed to chance upon an intriguing café/ retail store/ manicure salon just a little way off Purvis.

Housed in a conservation shop house, manicurious is a chic hipster joint which was started by three creative type guys with a specific manifesto. The one and a half year old establishment places a heavy emphasis on providing a complete sensory experience for all their customers. Something that we feel most local cafés, retailers and manicure saloons has long neglected.

Photo courtesy of manicurious

Divided into three distinct sections, we were greeted by the surrealistic deco of the retail space. Taking inspiration from the novel Alice in Wonderland, the carefully curated space was a perfect blend of child-like curiosity mixed with adult sensibilities. Our interest was definitely peaked by the feature wall overlay of artificial turf grass which ran alongside shelves of kitschy merchandise! Somehow, it seemed like the perfect habitat for quaint old Chinese print tote bags and Nonya kueh post-it notes.

The ambience was completed by a chilled out playlist of indie favourites (any playlist comprising of the musical talent of The xx and Nouvelle Vague gets our seal of approval) which beckoned us towards the sanctuary of the café housed within.

Like a scene from a lawn tea party, the natural finished wooden tables and chairs gave off a simple yet elegant café façade. The diner styled service area was particularly charming when paired with the quirky dessert rack. Comprising of a white picketed fence skirting, the glass dessert cabinet housed a selection of eye catching dessert pies nestled on a bed of artificial grass.

Photo courtesy of manicurious

Famed comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once stated that desserts are a meal in itself. We think that it probably stems from ‘kidish’ craving. And, manicurious satisfied that with a distinctly adult twist. Featuring a carefully curated menu of alcoholic dessert pies from renowned local bakery, Windowsill, we were torn between the banana almond cognac pie and coconut lime vodka pie. After much debate, we settled on the coconut pie ($8) and a long macchiato ($4) [$10 set available consisting of a pie and regular drink].

Our long macchiato soon arrived, and it was a complex concoction of subtle flavours. We loved the aromatic full bodied coffee brew as it danced to the sweet tones of the frothed milk. We could nit-pick about how the cuppa was slightly colder than expected, but we saluted the effort of bringing in the delicately roasted beans from local coffee roaster, Papa Palheta.

Next up, we wielded our fork in eager anticipation of our coconut lime vodka pie. The creamy lime curd was a tangy yet refreshing reprieve from the hot humid weather. It blended well with the lightly flavoured coconut whipped cream to impart a distinct tropical vibe. But, it was the discovery of the vodka jelly cubes that really hit the spot. The gelatinous alcoholic nectar left us intoxicated that we nearly forgot to lap up the fragrantly sweet almond biscuit base. Thus, it was no surprise when we were informed that each pie slice contained a standard shot of vodka.

After that nightcap, we decided to skip on the manicure. Although the nail saloon consisted of comfortable looking armchairs and interesting old worldly copper pipes, truth be told that we are not the manicure type of guy. But having said that, you now know the perfect refuge should your other half drags you down when she get her nails done. Although $10 is a bit excessive to satisfy one’s sweet tooth carving (it isn't really, if you bear in mind that a shot of vodka will set you back at least $7), manicurious provides the perfect experience that will reward you with delirium which can only be furthered with your partner's tender touch.

Photo courtesy of manicurious

41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680
Mondays to Saturdays
11am to 9pm
6333 9096


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