The Prince of Squash

The Prince of Squash

Life in Singapore has always been about competing to be the best! 

From school to work, it’s all about doing better than the guy beside you. And for sports, you don’t even need to say’s a race that’s never ending. Sometimes we wonder if it’s our dreams or our parents’ dreams that we are chasing. 

At age 26, Egyptian Squash player and World number 1, Ramy Ashour is fully aware of his dreams and tells us why we must also be aware of what we are chasing or working hard for. A logistics graduate, the young and charming athlete shares his need to chase and achieve…not just in Squash but in life too!

Lavania: You became Squash world number 1 at the age of 22! It’s been four years now and you have achieved a lot. How pressurizing is it to maintain it?

Ramy: Well, I usually put the pressure on myself, as I love to do a lot in a small period of time. I think it’s more like an insecurity thing. I always think that my playing days are going to end soon so I need to achieve things quickly. Though I have a lot more years ahead of me, I feel this mindset helped me achieve more than I thought I could in a short span of time.

Lavania: You have had a number of injuries?

Ramy: A lot actually! It all boils down to the lack of sports therapists, nutritionists, physicians and treatments available back in Egypt. But in recent years I have been able to

Lavania: So we heard about your Squash Academy, Inspire Squash Academy. Tell us more!

Ramy: It’s my biggest dream actually. I love this game very much, so when I started winning I thought why not share what I have learnt? Furthermore, I have spend a lot of my time on the court coming up with new tricks and techniques. It has been my childhood dream to share my journey and experience, so I figured I should share them in chapters. Meaning, I would love to share what I know to younger players and save their efforts so that they would have the time for their own to discover their own tricks and techniques.

Lavania: We understand that the political turmoil in Egypt is a big hindrance. Has your academy managed to make up for the shortage of facilities in Egypt?
Ramy: Actually, that’s what I have been trying to do, but the political situation in our country (Egypt) is pretty rough. Training conditions have been really tough the past 3 years. Still we have pushed through and even won the junior world championship twice. Currently, I have a couple of squash courts in various clubs. It’s all scattered around. However, Some day I hope to bring it all together. My own land, my own courts. 
Lavania: Many kids play soccer, tennis, basketball..etc. Why did you choose Squash?

Ramy: Well, I have played soccer, tennis..even did horse riding and swimming. But since squash was an upcoming sport at that time, dad asked me to try it out. It was an instant connection with the sport. I found my calling in the squash court.

So, are you eager to know more about his secret for success?
Stick around for the second part of his interview coming really soon!!


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