The Beginner’s Guide to iDARTS

The Beginner’s Guide to iDARTS

I remember my first experience with Darts. I was feeling rather confident after seeing how Roger, the Dart Instructor at iDart, did the demonstration effortlessly.

“Just aim and shoot... cannot be that tough, right?”


Right. After a few hits and misses (albeit more misses), I figured there is more to the game than aiming the darts in the bull’s eye with sheer enthusiasm. In fact, not every game requires the player to hit the bull's eye. Depending on the dimensions of the game that was set, the player may need to accurately accumulate points around the dartboard in order to win.


To help newbies like me get started, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide with Roger’s help. Akin to mastering a new art, it is important to know the tools you are working with. Let’s begin with a closer look at the dart:


  • The Barrel/Shaft

The gold-plated portion this is known as the Barrel or the Shaft. This is where you grip the dart.

  • The Tip

The Tip is where the aim is. It is notable that Dartslive uses plastic tips which makes it safer for beginners. This also means that kids can have a go too, under your supervision, of course.

  • The Flight

The “wings” are fitted to the back of the dart to form the Flight which helps the dart to “fly” further after the launch.

The Grip

Here’s a simple rule to getting a grip of the game:

2 fingers above the shaft and 1 underneath the tip as a support.


The Position

Now that you have got the grip right, get into position and prepare for the launch.

Align yourself to the target board with the following tips:

  • Right-handed? Place your right foot forward. Left-handed? Vice versa, place your left foot forward.
  • Stand in a slight angle to the line.
  • Place your weight on the forward foot



The Throw

Follow these 3 simple steps for a good aim and throw.

1: Get yourself into the “Set Up” Position


2: Recoil your arm


3: Release the dart as you extend your arm.


And you are ready to earn your first Darts Set!

The Beginner’s Requirements to earn your own Darts Set


Beginner’s set of Darts for a game of 450 points!

If you are a first-time player on the Dartslive machine, you will be entitled to win yourself a Beginner’s set of darts!

But first, you need to play a game of 8 rounds. 3 dart throws will be given in a round.

Here is the breakdown of points needed to win in a Beginner’s game:

  • 20 Points for a Single
  • 40 Points for a Double (The bigger outer ring)
  • 60 Points for a Triple (The inner ring before the bull’s eye)
  • 50 Points for a Bull’s Eye

Once you have mastered the art of darting, up the challenge with a blindfold on!


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Ready for a game of darts?

Check here to find the list of iDarts branches located at the SAFRA Clubs near you:

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