SSA Joins SAFRA For Charity at Swim For Hope 2014

SSA Joins SAFRA For Charity at Swim For Hope 2014

Our supportive national athletes

Breaking Singapore's records for the most number of laps swam in six hours two years in a row, sounds like a difficult feat to achieve. Yet the annual SAFRA Swim For Hope event has done just that, thanks to the participation of NSmen and their families. You will be surprised to know that wasn't their main goal though. In fact, all those involved had joined efforts to raise funds for charity at SAFRA Tampines, and that was what they wanted to achieve, to give back to the community. 

First and foremost, this event is organized to help needy NSmen and underprivileged children. For every lap they swim, $1 is donated to selected beneficiaries. In 2012, the event managed to clock in a total of 21, 898 laps for the Children’s Cancer Foundation while 2013 saw an increase of more than 700 laps from that for three beneficiaries of the Community Chest. 

This year, we hope to shake things up even more. All donations to be given to the SAF Care Fund, Singapore Children’s Society and Aquatics Heart & Hope. This year, we are aiming for $50,000 which is double the funds raised previously and we hope to set a new Singapore record. In addition, all five SAFRA clubs will now be hosting it so that everyone can head down to their nearest clubhouse and contribute to this worthy cause.

Russell Ong and Arren Quek making their pledge to swim 100 laps each at Swim For Hope 2014

We are not stopping there with the good news!

With a contingent of 50 national athletes, the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) will be making a generous support of $5,000. At the press conference in June, some of them even came down to visit and officially made their pledge to help us achieve our new goal. Among them are national swimmers Russell Ong and Arren Quek (pictured above) as well as Lee Kai Yang from the Singapore Water Polo Team.  

Top row (L-R): Clement Lim, Danny Yeo, Arren Quek
Bottom row (L-R): Pang Sheng Jun, Mr Shankar (SAFRA member) and family, Russell Ong

Through this cause, we wish to further encourage everyone to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping fit and active. If you’re looking to help raise funds with us but are not confident with your skills in the pool, don’t fret! The national athletes will be conducting a free swimming seminar (yes, it’s free!) for tips on how to be a smart swimmer. Hurry and register now! There are only 200 slots for this grand opportunity.

If that’s not enough, how about some training from the national swimmers themselves! Danny Yeo, Clement Lim and Pang Sheng Jun can guide you on how to stretch effectively for vigorous activities, the importance of core stability for swimming techniques and prevention of injury. These swim clinics will be held at the end of the month.

So join us in this good cause to help our NSmen and underprivileged kids. Tag a buddy and donate together! For as long as we can, we should keep giving to support one another.

Register for Swim For Hope 2014 here and get an exclusive event t-shirt and a goodie bag!

Find out more about the swim clinics and the free swimming seminar here! If you’re hoping for an alternative way to contribute, check out how you can volunteer here!

Water polo is truly a great sport and is also one of the best ways to lose weight. Check out other fun fat-burning water sports you can take up here!

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