Perfect Local Fashion Brands for CNY Wear

Perfect Local Fashion Brands for CNY Wear

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It’s the time of the year again, when you visit your relatives’ house to swop mandarins for ang baos. Of course, it would be an added bonus if your aunt or cousin gives you that ‘yandao’ compliment for dressing up to the occasion. To help you achieve that verbal stamp of approval, we’ve compiled a list of some trendy local fashion brands - categorised into two sections based on brand segments and price points - which could help spruce you up to the style of the season.


Affordable apparels

If you don’t intend to splurge your hard-earned money away, you might want to consider these brands:

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1. Praise

Graphic tees anyone? This concept brand houses some of the coolest t-shirt designs we’ve seen, in which the designer is said to draw influence from ‘music, art and the other brands in the market.’ Recently Praise have branched out into other menswear items like jackets, shirts, pants, shoes and accessories too. So it’s definitely worth a visit to the store even if you’re not a tee person. If you’re daunted by the CNY shopping crowd, you can still purchase online at their dedicated website.

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2. Flesh Imp

If you’re a youngster here you would definitely recognise their distinctive ‘devilish curves with a pointed tail’ logo. Yes we’re talking about Flesh Imp. Known for their urban street wear since its founding in 2000, this quirky brand has never failed to consistently set the trends with new lines that impress. With their full product line ranging from hats, tees, shirts, polos, berms, pants, shades, bags and shoes, just a single visit to one of their store could get you all covered, literally speaking.

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You wouldn’t believe that Manchu, a menswear brand visible in most shopping malls and retailer stores, started off as a backend operator – manufacturing, trading and supplying garments for other retailers and distributors. If you’re looking for simple yet elegant shirts or pants that fit your Asian frame, well then Manchu could be the right match.

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4. PeopleOfAsia (POA)

Aims to produce clothing unique to the Asian culture and taking the build of Asians into considerations, POA continues to remain one of the known brands in this competitive street-fashion wear. Make this boutique your choice if you enjoy browsing for some layering to jazz up your look.

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5. Graphite

Now with its own e-commerce store and popular online retailer Zalora to carry its lines, the Graphite brand has come a long way since its modest beginnings as a store at Bugis Street almost a decade ago. Staying true to its classic with a contemporary twist philosophy, Graphite features a laidback casualwear line for men who prioritise comfort and want to look effortlessly chic.

Contemporary brands

If you want to stand out this Chinese New Year, then you might look for something more upscale and tailored. Of course, these local brands cost upwards from SGD$60 for a t-shirt, but it is well worth the amount if you are a snazzy fashionista.

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1. Amos Ananda

There’s a reason why local male celebs like Shane Pow and international superstar Wu Chun flock to streets wear label Amos Ananda. With its playful and conceptual designs, the brand has grown a slew of serious clientele. 25 year-old Amos Ananda Yeo holds no punch in Singapore’s fashion industry either. The youthful designer was spotted as one of the 8 Best Dressed Men on Mr Porter’s Streetwear Journal. Judging by the number of acclamations on various fashion publications, you can bet he knows what he is designing.

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2. Depression

On first impression, Depression looks like cult wear. With its exotic, deconstructionist approach to design, it’s a little wonder how this experimental brand came into fruition by two designers – Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim – who were depressed from their past career before pursuing their dream of starting a fashion label. To adorn the ‘Depression’ style you would need tonnes of confidence and funky vibe in order pull the look together, but do reserve some of the darker designs if you got relatives who are pantang.

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3. Evenodd

Stemming from its philosophy of contrasts and the co-existence of polar opposites, Evenodd’s designs are a juxtaposition of lines and colour palates. Started by self-taught designer and stylist Samuel Wong, Evenodd first made waves at the Men’s Fashion Week in 2011 and has since become a force to be reckoned with, with local celebs like Nat Ho and Allen Chen a big fan of this refined brand. If you prefer something suave and minimal, then you might like its clean and structured menswear collection.

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