Morning Glory: Starting Your Day Right!

Morning Glory: Starting Your Day Right!

As loud rings of your alarm pierce through the air, most of us lazily stretch our heavy arm to hit the snooze button as the day slowly crawls to a start. Despite our interrupted dreams, morning is a time to be filled with optimism. Though morning is never an easy affair, it is hard to be pessimistic about the exciting possibilities in the day ahead.

Don’t wake up cranky! Embrace the exciting day instead!
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Though most mornings are usually a blur of events consisting of the mad dash to work, it is usually the time when we feel most reflective. Hence, it is no shock that our morning activities are a significant factor in setting our ‘tone’ for the day. Just as how the elderly begin the day with a relaxing tai chi session, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of daily morning rituals can have on us.

Set the ‘tone’ for your day with a relaxing session of tai chi!
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So, what is the winning morning formula? Let us tell you how you can achieve morning glory with these simple suggestions!

Planning Ahead

Keep calm and enjoy zen mornings 
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Your mornings are never going to be a bed of roses if you are scrambling around like a headless chicken. If there is one thing National Service has taught you, being a kan cheong spider doesn’t get you anywhere. Thus, it is essential to plan and prepare stuff like your breakfast menu, work clothes and etc. Not only does this allow you to maintain your zen-like state, it also serves as a testament to your personal efficiency!

A Little Me Time

Me, myself and I time!
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With little time to spare in the frantic day ahead, why not spend some time for yourself once you are up. Meditation, widely endorsed by yogis and Hollywood directors, is a good way to kick-start your mind for a mindful deep thoughts! By stimulating your brain for a mere 15 minutes, you can clear away any unwanted distractions and be busk in positivity all day!

Workout without the Sweat

Work for those endorphins!
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Want that positive feeling to course through your entire body? Then, it’s time to get off your butt and burn those calories. As you may know, exercise is one of the best ways that your body can feel ‘euphoric’. Endorphins, produced by the body, also act as a natural sedative by downplaying perceived pain. Thus, keeping your mood up! So, head out for that light morning run as it goes a long way in your day.

Speaking of Karma

Never underestimate your first conversation of the day!
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Just as the old saying goes that you should never go to bed angry, the same can be said for the start of the day. Never underestimate the value of your first real conversation of the day in instilling a daily ‘up-and-at-them’ attitude. Not only does it leave you with more lust for life, it also strengthens the personal relationships that you treasure the most. Whether be it with family members or work colleagues, it is important to establish the tone for your day by starting it off with a positive affirmation.  So, make it a point to lay off Facebook, email and newspapers for just a little while (after all, you can get your information fix while on the go).

Dressing the Part

Feel like a million bucks by dressing like it
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Dress like a slop, and you’ll feel like one. So, lose that blanket of a shirt and keep with only fitting pieces. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to opt for warm colours like red, orange and purple to add some Day-Glo optimism in your day.

Eat Right

Eat right to get the right day!
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As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it’s vital that you put in the ‘right’ stuff in your body first thing in the morning. A fulfilling first meal will provide the much needed energy boost for your brain to function better for the day ahead.

Thus, try and avoid a sugar and carbohydrate-heavy menu so as to prevent sluggishness. Instead, opt for a key balance diet that consists of nutritious fruits (juice or whole) into your breakfast mix. In addition, try injecting some variety by using soy milk in your cereal for a fortifying start. Last but not least, don’t forget to have at least two glasses of the only zero calories beverage, water!

Squeaky Clean Slate

Kick off the day on a clean slate with a refreshing shower!
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Everyone should start the day feeling refreshed and clean. Besides, no one really wants to reek of body odour in the office. Therefore, don’t skip out on the luxury of a warm shower to start your day. Besides being a dignifying cleansing wash, you’ll be also getting a water massage that soothes your muscles.

Not only you emerge feeling energised, but the caressing waters will have wash away the weariness of sleep as all your dead skin cells, accumulated oil and sweat are washed out.

On the Record

Pen your morning thoughts down or risk losing them forever!
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Though it’s more commonplace to pen your journal at night, we highly recommend that you should also write in it at the very start of the day. Firstly and foremost, reflect on a particular happy memory and let that warm fuzzy feeling engulf you so as to shape your decisions for that day. Starting off on such right footing helps ensure that positive mind-set is ingrain in you.

Secondly, it can also double up as a dream diary that recaptures the ecstatic feelings that you were experiencing in your sleep. As we don’t share Sherlock Holmes’ almost perfect memory, it is crucial that we record such cherished dreams down in black and white. Through this simple act, you can now remember and relive a favoured dream at your fingertips.

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