7 Free Beautiful Mobile App Games 2016

7 Free Beautiful Mobile App Games 2016

7 Free Beautiful Mobile App Games Online 2016


Have some time to spare during Christmas gatherings? Want something more addictive than hours of TV marathons and a pack of chips?

Well you’ve come to the right place! Here are some truly obsessive yet simple games that will keep you occupied for hours and hours on end. Beautifully minimalistic and amazingly user friendly, these latest mobile games soak you into a different universe on its own, making you forget about all your troubles during this festive session.

A warning though, these download free mobile games may contain in-app purchases.


Alto’s Adventure


Photo Sourced from Alto’s Adventure App

Alto’s Adventure is beautiful, stunning and absolutely breath-taking. Meet Alto and his llamas in this beautiful world that they live.

When his llamas get away from him, Alto calmly gets his snowboard and starts skiing down endless slopes with amazing backdrops of skylines and starry nights. A simple runner game it is not, as the land scape behind him slowly changes from morning to night, along with other environment that is noted to a stunning detail. Ski down the slopes long enough and you experience snow, rain and astonishingly sparkly twilight.

What’s more important is the serene music track that plays while you ski.

An absolute masterpiece, this downloadable free mobile game is available on both iTunes and PlayStore.


1010! Puzzle


Photo Sourced from Gram Games

Onto a numbers game that will test both your calmness and ability to concentrate. If you love 2046 and Tetris, games of numbers and blocks, 1010! Puzzle will be right down your alley. The game may sound easy due to its blocky design, but it’s not, as it requires you to plan your every move in order to clear the blocks on your board and achieve a high score.

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. It will be sure to occupy your time as it can be addictive to continuous try beating yourself and your friends.



Photo Sourced from Mediocre Games

Fancy an arcade game with more graphics instead?

Bring back the nostalgia to the nth level with PinOut!

PinOut! revamps the classic pinball machine to give you hours and hours of fun as you ultimately refuse to let the pin ball fall. Its smooth design transforms neon colours and beautiful fluorescent lights into an interactive landscape that won’t be as coin-consuming as the traditional pinball machines. Refurbish your retro skills with PinOut!




Photo Sourced from Cheetah Games

If you haven’t tried AbyssRium, then you really have been missing out. In this game, you govern over a little coral reef whose only wish is to grow and be the nice big barrier reef. Take care of your reef well enough and you may even see the likes of whales, stingrays, sunfishes and dolphins.

It’s so serene that you will start to forget time and drift away with the flowing fishes and soothing sunrays. It’s easy to get addicted when the game is so peaceful.

Try this game out and you won’t regret that you started.



Photo Sourced from Hemisphere Games Inc.

Delicately and skilfully swim your way through, dodging a sea of predator and preying on smaller organisms.  To survive and grow bigger in this game, you need to absorb smaller cells while trying to avoid being prey to larger ones.

However, this classic game style comes with a twist.

To move forward and propel yourself around this universe, you, the cell has to expel matter, making you grow smaller with each push.

Maintain this beautiful balance of give and take and you’re in for a wonderfully addictive game play.

Mother Earth


Photo Sourced from Mediadesign Hochschule Games

This stimulation game allows you to see how cruel life and death is in a subtle way. This indie game allows you to play as a higher being and see how you can bring about the best for Mother Earth or how destructive she can truly be.

Unfortunately, this game is only for Androids, so we apologise to those who aren’t able to try this.




Photo Sourced from Ketchapp Arcade

In this timeless adventure, you propel just two dots, one red and one blue, skywards. Alternating between the two, the landscape sharply gets more difficult as you get higher.

You’ll find yourself more engaged in the game play as you strive to move upwards.

This straightforward phone game just calms you down and increases your focus, letting you speed through spare time like a warm knife through butter.


There you have it, 7 sometimes simple, always fascinating games.

Are your digits and mind amp-ed to pass some time?

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