Kid-Friendly Holiday Pit Stops at SAFRA

Kid-Friendly Holiday Pit Stops at SAFRA

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June only means one thing... HOLIDAY FOR A MONTH!

No, wait. That’s for your kids, not you! You still have to go to work, pay the bills and make sure all household matters run smoothly. You know, grown up stuff. And don’t forget to encourage your children to play outside because you can’t have them turn into sun-fearing zombies all cooped up at home and stuck on video games only now, can you?

Of course that would be a little extreme. But while your kids are taking a good break this June, why not give yourself one too? If it's too late to book a trip overseas now or you're hoping for just a day's worth of outing, don't worry. We've got you covered with a list of fun activities here at our very own SAFRA clubhouses!


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Starting with this weekend, build transport models like cars and trains with your child at the Weekend Wonders with Lego® event. If you've missed the registration deadline, fret not! Do check out more dates here! Once that's settled, go on to the Minions Workshop where you can create your own version of those little yellow gibberish-speaking cuties.

Do you both fancy animals? Then check out the terrarium and vivarium workshops that allow you to learn more about the ecosystem of plants and keep live aquatic creatures like crabs and lobsters.

You can also choose to design a colourful miniature zoo of your favourite animals complete with other cool features like people and zoo keepers.


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If making edible treats is more your style, sign up for a baking class at the workshop and learn a new delicious cake recipe together.

Looking for more artsy activities? Show off your drawing skills in creating fun cartoon door hangers. These would be great for room décor. If not, try your hand at creating your own Manga and Anime characters or a super-soldier Space Marine. You can also opt to make clay erasers that would certainly be useful for school later!


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For a more educational experience, you can explore the world of science through magic tricks, toys and even dig for dinosaur fossils. Learn more about space and the solar system through interesting experiments and fun activities as well.

But if your kid still insists on staying home to play video games, steer them towards the 3D Game Programming Workshop where they get a glimpse of how to create computer games. Besides the technicalities, there are the creative and storytelling aspects that your child may develop interest in.


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Up the thrill with a rush of adrenaline in Bokwa® class or go scuba diving into the beautiful deep waters (and maybe try this cool trick!). Learn Hip Hop dancing like body isolations and soon you might be like these two who made everyone's night with their fun moves. Dancing has a way to put smiles on people's faces after all.

Join the festivities in this holy football season with soccer games on an inflatable bouncy pitch. Think you have what it takes to be the best father-and-son duo? There's a slippery layer of water on it too which makes it all the more challenging and fun.

Speaking of who's the best team, show off your skills in a good ol' fashioned running race. Be sure to register for the Parent & Child event in SAFRA Sprint Kids Xtreme 2014!

With plenty of activities to choose from at all SAFRA clubhouses this school holidays, you can spend quality time with your kid even if it's just on the weekends. Have a great June school holidays!

Check out more fun stuff going on in our school holiday programmes here!

Be sure to engage in a more healthy lifestyle by being active with these activities and courses throughout the year!

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