Hung up About St Patrick's Day

Hung up About St Patrick's Day

It was St Patrick’s Day yesterday and green fever swept across the globe. If you are nursing a killer hangover, let me provide you with the story behind the drinking.

Traditionally, St Patrick’s Day is a day of commemoration to St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity to Ireland. It doubles up as a day of reprieve from the fasting and alcohol abstinence for the period of Lent (a 40 day period of abstinence before Good Friday).

Today, it is seen as a global holiday to spread the Irish culture and traditions. There are street festivals, parades and performances that go along with the lively social drinking.

10 Little Known Facts about St Patrick’s Day


1. The first St Patrick’s Day was not celebrated in Ireland but in the United States. It took place in Boston, Massachusetts during 1737. Today, almost 34 million Americans come from Irish ancestry.

2. In Dublin, the St Patrick’s Day Festival runs for five days and consists of concerts, performances and an elaborate fireworks display known as Skyfest.

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3. The shortest St Patrick’s Day parade ever took place in the village of Dripsey, Cork. The parade covered the distance between the town’s two pubs and lasted a mere 23.4 metres.

4. Over 70 famous landmarks worldwide ranging from Egypt’s majestic pyramids to the iconic Sydney Opera House were lit up in green this year in honor of St Patrick’s Day.

5. In the United States, the entire Chicago River is dyed green for their annual downtown St Patrick’s Day parade.

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6. In Australia, the green theme extends not just to their dressing but to their drinks as well. Most Australian Irish pubs dye their beers green in line with the festival’s colour.

7. The colour originally associated with St Patrick was blue. It was later changed to green because of his usage of the green shamrock, a three leaved plant to spread Christianity to the Irish.

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8. Did you know that if you are named Patrick, Patricia, Paddy, Padraig, Trish, Tricia or Patsy, you are entitled to a free VIP tour of the Guinness factory in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day!

9. A popular Irish toast for St Patrick’s Day goes, “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out”.

10. In the Irish custom of ‘drowning the shamrock’, it is customary to drop your shamrock leaf usually wore on a lapel or hat into your last drink of the evening.

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