Dancing Dark Horses

Dancing Dark Horses

Returning for the fourth time, local dancing enthusiasts flocked to Bugis+ Mall to experience the thrills and spills of the SAFRA Dance Fiesta’14. Taking place on a bustling Saturday afternoon, the Grand Finals event saw the Street Dance Solo and Team contestant demonstrating their nifty footwork to a star studded panel of judges. 

Solo or team street dance, SAFRA Dance Fiesta’ 14 Grand Finals got it all!

Featuring scenes that would not seem out of place in So You Think You Can Dance, the Dance Fiesta’14 grand finalists went footloose! Covering every dance genre under the sun, the assembled crowd were taken on a musical journey from cabaret, jazz to contemporary hip-hop. 

Street Dance team, Nana Queens covering every dance style under the sun!

With Power 98 DJ livewire JK helming the proceedings, there was never a dull moment in the exuberant showcase of flowing limbs. With all the robust performances on display, the judges had the unenviable task of deciding who walked away as the winners.

The fierce displays left the judges no reprieve when deciding a winner!

In the end, the judges saw fit to award the Street Dance Solo championship to full-time national serviceman (NSF) Kamil. The 22-year old dark horse was at a loss when his name was announced and declared that “it’s just crazy totally to get the win today”! Bagging S$2000 in cash, the ecstatic Kamil felt that his maiden win came as a result of him being “true to himself”. Professing that “everything came naturally” in his performance, the Street Dance Solo champion personified the expression ‘happy feet’ as he declared that he just “feel happy when he dances”!

Street Dance Solo champion, dark horse Kamil (far right) sharing the stage with the other winners!

Taking a leaf from Kamil’s against the odds tale, the judges saw fit to give the Street Dance Team gold to hip hop team 100% Be Phat! With a crew of six ‘tight’ friends, the Republic Polytechnic students more than held their own against last year’s champion F Nutz. Citing “the feel that we have together” as a winning factor, the group felt that their chemistry and camaraderie was what made them strong contenders. Rapturous in their first ever victory, the 100% Be Phat crew signed off with an encouraging statement for all aspiring local dancers! Their words, “Keep dancing, keep grooving and don’t give up” will go a long way in fostering others to dream!

Stuck in the middle with Street Dance team winners, 100% Be Phat!

So, were you at the SAFRA Dance Fiesta’14 Grand Finals? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss next year showcase!

5 Reasons Why SAFRA Dance Fiesta’14 Grand Final ‘Killed’ It!

Magical Performance

All it takes is a moment of magic and you’ll be hooked... to dance! And, such moments are in abundance at SAFRA Dance Fiesta! Just check out this jaw dropping magical performance from Kamil, the Street Dance Solo champion!

The magician Kamil working his magic with his championship winning routine!

The Perfect Underdog Story

Lightning never strikes twice. Except at the Dance Fiesta’s Grand Finals! This year installation saw not one but two maiden champions. So if you want to share in the fairy tale ending, come on down and experience a magical ending!

A maiden victory for Dance Fiesta’14 champions, Kamil (Solo) and 100% Be Phat (Team)

Fun for Everyone... Even the Audience

Dance Fiesta is not just all about the contestants. There is also fun for the fans as well. With jokester Power 98 DJ JK on the mike, you know that there will be plenty of chance to ‘sabo’ your friends for stage games! Or, you might want to volunteer yourself and stand to win attractive prizes!

Power 98 JK bringing the audience into the fun!

Judges Representz!

With a more fluid show format than So You Think You Can Dance, Dance Fiesta believes in audience interaction on all levels! Even for the judges. But when there is so much enthusiasm in the air, we are sure that the judges can’t help but want to get in on some dancing action!

SAFRA Dance Fiesta’14 judges burning up the dance floor!

“The Art of Eight Limbs” Dance

Dance is an expression of the human body. But, there are many other ways to express oneself physically. For example say, martial arts. Touted as “the art of eight limbs”, there were also exotic Muay Thai demonstrations on display. Though more rugged, the ancient Thai sport was no less elegant than any of the other dance genres on show that day.

The dance of the eight limbs, the exotic Thai martial art Muay Thai!

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