Craziest Diet Plans Ever!

Craziest Diet Plans Ever!

So you feel like you are in need of losing some weight? How far are you willing to go to lose those extra kilos?

We bring you the five craziest diet of all time!

1. The Tapeworm Diet

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Easily one of the most outlandish diet plan of all time, this turn of the century diet involve taking a pill containing a tapeworm egg. It was then believed that the egg will hatch in the intestines where the parasite will consume any excess food. All this just to shave a couple of inches off the waist!

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Of course, this came with a variety of risks. The tapeworm could end up laying eggs which can spread to other parts of the body and block vital organs. In addition, expect a host of other ailments such as headaches, nausea, infections, diarrhoea, meningitis and epilepsy. It is a tapeworm after all!

Our Horror-meter reading: 5/5 (Run for your dear life!)

2. The Chewing Diet
Invented in the Edwardian Era, American Horace Fletcher believed that our bodies absorbed the necessary nutrients while we chewed our food. Hence, he recommended that food should be chewed for at least 32 times before being spited out to lose weight.
It was so widespread that people were being timed at dinners to make sure that they were doing sufficient chewing. Beware of a very sore jaw after meals.

Our Horror-meter reading: 1/5 (Nothing a good night sleep wouldn’t cure)

3. The Vinegar Diet


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Popularised by poet Lord Byron, it consist of the daily consumption of vinegar to cleanse the body. In addition, Byron hardly ate anything other than potatoes soaked in vinegar. Something tells us that he would probably be a fan of salt and vinegar potato chips.

Suffice to say, he did succeed in losing a lot of weight. But, it came with a heavy price. He experienced nausea and diarrhoea daily on top of a whole slew of other health problems.

Our Horror-meter reading: 3/5 (A gym routine somehow sounds easier to swallow then this)

4. The Cotton Ball Diet


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We are continually astounded by the ridiculous thing people will go through, but this is one that baffles us. The cotton ball diet is exactly as it sound. You will be expected to consume either dry or gelatin soaked cotton balls. The rationale was that it will deliver a low calories high fibre diet for your body’s need. Definitely the most boring meal ever!

Our Horror-meter reading: 4/5 (Potential P.O.W. torture method in the making)

5. The Grapefruit Diet


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You might like grapefruit, but imagine having it repeatedly over the course of 12 days. Sure, you might only be keeping to a stringent 600 calories daily. But we are confident that if the citrus ulcers do not turn you off the fruit, the monotony will. That is really too much of a good thing!

Our Horror-meter reading: 2/5 (Warning, expect some very bad grapefruit related nightmares)

Are these diets a little too much to bear?

Then, stay tuned tomorrow as we reveal our top zero calories food that you incorporate in your meals to stay lean!


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