A New Movie Hero Arises in Cold Blood

A New Movie Hero Arises in Cold Blood

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If you still need more reasons to catch the new American action thriller The Equalizer in cinemas today other than “Because it’s Denzel Washington”, then you’ve come to the right place.

The movie’s protagonist Robert McCall played by the aforementioned veteran actor is a former Special Forces member who’s now starting his life anew. Seemingly an unsuspecting Home Mart employee, the movie began with how McCall is a quiet guy who mentors his colleague before slowly revealing his true colours. Get ready, boys and girls, because they aren’t so pretty.


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While the storyline may sound cliché, the movie is anything but. McCall returns to his old badass self when helping a young girl named Teri (played by the lovely Chloë Grace Moretz) who is controlled by a very powerful Russian Mafia. McCall first met her in a diner where he often goes to read “The Old Man and the Sea” where she loves asking him questions about. Though the movie showed a rather short progress of their bond, it was enough to explain his sudden desire to seek justice for her.

The story then progresses with amazing cinematic effects and intriguing philosophical quotes in all the right moments, driving it further than just your ordinary fight-and-shoot-bad-guys action flick. The fight scenes are undoubtedly smooth and Denzel made it look rather effortless. Looking at the work done to establish how deep the character of McCall actually is, it’s no wonder why there’s already talk about a possible franchise in the future.


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The movie emphasizes a lot on the philosophy of putting your dreams into action. It’s inspiring to see McCall encouraging Teri to be who she wants to be despite her current life situation but it’s worth noting that he is essentially telling himself that. There’s even a quote by Mark Twain before diving into the opening scene that reads, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." But the biggest giveaway to his desperation to be who he once was is when he compares himself to the old man in the book he was reading.


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Though McCall is a man who seeks justice and corrects those who go against the law, there’s a dark nature to his character. Denzel Washington completely nailed it in the restaurant staredown scene opposite Marton Csokas who played the antagonist ironically named Teddy. McCall basically repeated back Teddy’s arrogant words to him but that look McCall gave him (see picture above) is quite spine-chilling. It almost seems soulless yet you can’t help but feel sympathetic for the character because of his history. And that’s what makes The Equalizer so intriguing to watch.

Be sure to catch it while it’s in theatres now!

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