A Better Body for a Better Mind

A Better Body for a Better Mind

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Practice makes perfect. A perfect body balance, that is.

The strength of a person shows through their flexibility and posture. With a healthy body balance, we can do all our daily tasks and responsibilities with full confidence and ease. This will then keep us feeling calm and positive towards life, no matter how stressful it can be. It’s almost as if your body’s trained to take care of your stresses for you!

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And that’s the beauty of conditioning exercises. It’s important to keep our body in shape so that it would be able to adapt to the stress of exercise. As a result, we will grow tougher and be less prone to injuries

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So besides wanting to achieve a good mental attitude, why do we need to condition our body? 

Firstly, there are various ways we can condition our body which include aerobic exercises, anaerobic workouts and weight training. Secondly, each form of conditioning exercise has specific benefits that can always be adjusted to fit our current mood, schedule and own fitness goals. And most importantly, if you are a beginner, start out at the right level before moving up as you progress. Seek a professional trainer for their advice and tips on the specific training you need, not someone else.

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A physical activity is considered an aerobic exercise if our body uses oxygen to work, making us perspire and increasing our heart rate. This improves cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity which enables us to perform better during low-intensity and longer-duration training like long-distance running, walking and swimming.


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Anaerobic workouts, on the other hand, are exercises that differ in breathing technique as they require intense and sudden bursts of strength or speed like sprinting. Other examples include squats, jumping rope, rowing and sit-ups. By incorporating any of these in our routine, our body will learn to be able to power up and do an extremely heavy activity as our muscle mass increase. However, this can only be done for a short period of time. 

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To further build your muscular power, add weight training to regular workout. This technique is effective in making us work against gravity which forces our body to push through the resistance it creates. It also activates our core muscles and encourages our spine to be in a stabilised position. Adding this to speed or strength training would give us the added challenge to work more rapidly and even lose weight. 

So keep this in mind for the next time you go out for a run or a session at the gym!

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Besides training, do remember to maintain a healthy diet too. Check out what’s the best food to eat for your brain here or get something good to aid in your muscle repair and growth after exercise!

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