5 Upcycled Green Craft Ideas

5 Upcycled Green Craft Ideas

Find different ways to recycle your trash to help save the environment!
Find different ways to recycle your trash to help save the environment!

The next time you're about to throw something away, stop to think if you can reuse or transform it into something better (upcycling).

To play a part in helping Mother Earth, SAFRA will also be involved in conservation efforts. Leading up to SAFRA's Earth Hour lights-off event from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on 19th March 2016, SAFRA will be organising workshops to create art with recycled materials while promoting environmental awareness. If you wish to contribute in a different way, you can simply deposit unwanted items like recyclable paper and plastic bottles. (More information on workshops, recycling drive and more will be on our website soon, so stay tuned to find out what you can do to save our planet!)

With the support of National Arts Council, SAFRA invites 6 local eco artists (Catherine Chong, Debbie Chua, Didier Ng, Karen Mitchell, Rene Ong and Wen) to create, or "re-create", large eco art installations at all SAFRA clubs. To be unveiled on 19th March, these special installations will feature endangered animals, like primates, aquatic animals, rhinoceroses, tigers and elephants. This will show how climate change affects the lives of these animals, which is part of World Wildlife Fund’s continued initiatives to increase awareness about such environmental issues.

For a bigger creative challenge, why not turn your trash into beautiful, meaningful art by upcycling it? Check out our list of green craft ideas and do your part to help Earth become a better home to live in.

1. Broken crayons quick-fix

It's not easy to colour with crayons when they're all broken and short.

Quick Fix: Melt the broken crayon in the microwave till it is liquefied. Then pour it into a mould (let your kids pick their favourite shape) and let it harden. It’s best that the crayons are non-toxic.

2. Rainbow wall art

Brighten up your home with a piece of rainbow wall art!

Reshape your crayons with the above quick-fix method first. Then line up your broken crayons in a row (according to the shades of the rainbow) on canvas and glue them in place. Set the canvas to lean against the wall before using a hairdryer to blow dry. This way, the crayons will melt from the hot air to create a cool paint spill effect down the canvas. Melting the crayons may take a while. Once done, let it dry.

Source: www.52kitchenadventures.com

3. DIY candles

Planning a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner? Up the romance with personalised candles!

For the base of your candle, choose a lidless glass jar. Tip: You can consider baby food or pasta sauce jars with the lids off for this.

Fill a paper cup with wax and microwave it in intervals till the wax is melted completely. Pour a thin layer of wax into the jar and place a candle wick in the centre before it hardens. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun to the base of the wick to stick it in.

Fill another paper cup with wax and top it off with a broken crayon (for colour!). This amount has to fill the jar. Use more paper cups if necessary. Microwave it in intervals until completely melted. Let cool for 30 seconds before pouring the coloured wax into the jar. Finally, let it dry (may take overnight) and cut off the excess wick.

*Psst! Want a fun gift for your beer buddies? Use a beer or wine bottle for the candle base, but you’ll need to cut it first with a glass cutter so it becomes an open jar. Then use sandpaper to smooth down the edges.



TiffyQuake’s Beer/Wine Bottle Candles DIY video

4. Handmade dolls

This can be a fun family bonding activity for the kids on weekends!

Done using your toilet paper, kitchen towel, cling wrap or aluminium foil? Save the cardboard roll inside as a base for your homemade doll. Alternatively, you can also reuse drink cartons or cereal boxes. Let your imagination run free and recreate your favourite cartoon characters or make your own!

To colour the main body, wrap it with old newspapers and paint. Be creative! You can also take advantage of the colourful pages of old magazines or leftover fabric to make clothing for your doll.

5. CD case art décor

Started buying music online and not sure what to do with your old music CDs?

Convert the CD cases into a piece of art for your wall at home. Plan out the design; arrange the cases in a row or grid. Remove everything until you’re left with just the transparent case. Paint over it or cut out pictures you like from old magazines. Create a few and combine together into one large canvas for a photo collage.

Inspired by: Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas


For more eco-themed activities, don't miss SAFRA's March School Holidays programme!

For more ideas on how to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, check out our  '7 Nifty Life Hacks for Mother Earth'!

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