5 Outdoor Exercises you can do at SAFRA Punggol

5 Outdoor Exercises you can do at SAFRA Punggol

In our six part outdoor training exercise series, we’ll show you the types of exercises you can do at our SAFRA clubs.

Built with an open-air concept in mind, SAFRA Punggol provides many ideal spots by the riverside for individual or group workouts.

Utilising a resistance tube, a simple and portable piece of equipment, fitness instructor Jason Chua demonstrates five exercises you can incorporate into your outdoor training routines.

Resistance tubes are available for EnergyOne Gym members to loan at EnergyOne gyms. Do enquire beforehand on the availability of the tubes as each gym has different quantities and types of resistance tubes on hand. Royal Sporting House also stocks resistance tubes for purchase, with prices starting from $20.


 Resistance tubes are colour coded, with green generally being of medium resistance

Begin by looping your resistance tube around a strong anchor. Lamp-posts, tree trunks and pipes are good options.

We recommend 12 repetitions of each exercise, with half a minute's rest in between each exercise. This forms a set.

A complete 20 minute workout cycle consists of 3 sets with a full minute’s rest in-between each set.

1. Single Arm Lat Roll


Targets: Back, shoulders, biceps

With one arm, pull the tube back until the band is taut. Adopt a firm forward lunge position facing the anchor and with a steady core, slowly stretch the tube further by pulling it back with control. Keep your shoulders relaxed and spine upright. A single forward and backward motion constitutes one repetition.

2. Single Arm Chest Press


Targets: Chest, shoulders, triceps

This exercise is similar to the Single Arm Lat Roll but with your back facing the anchor. Pull the tube forward until it is taut and adopt the same forward lunge position. Next, pull the tube outwards by extending your arm forward. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed and spine upright. Take note not to overextend the band as it may result in a sprained wrist.

3. Tricep Extension


Targets: Triceps

Position yourself to face the tube about one meter away and step forward with your left foot. Lean forward such that your body forms a 45-degree angle from your right foot to your neck. Ensure the band is taut before pulling it 90-degrees downwards with your right arm. A single upward and downward motion constitutes one repetition.

4. Trunk Rotation


Target: Quads, trunk, core, back and shoulders

Adjust the tube on its anchor to the height of your ankles. Adopt a half squat position, and grip the other end of the band in-between interlaced palms. In one fluid motion and with a strong core, pull the band upwards as you twist your body and turn on the ankle nearest to the anchor. Return to your original position after one second of stretching.

5. Squat Shoulder Press


Target: Quads, shoulders, triceps and core

Remove the resistance band from its anchor. Stand on the band with both feet hip-width apart. Pull the band vertically upwards and stretch it over your shoulders. Once you have reached your maximum height, lower yourself slowly into a squat. Be careful to keep your spine straight and core strong as you perform the squat to reduce the risk of injury. One up and downward motion constitutes a single repetition.


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