5 Most Overplayed Songs You Still Can't Stop Dancing To

5 Most Overplayed Songs You Still Can't Stop Dancing To

How does a song become popular? The media such as radio and television can either make or break your favourite music. The more plays it gets, the more people will hear it. With that, the demand for the song will increase and soon everyone you know is listening to it. These days, exposure for the artiste can be achieved quickly via the internet. The music industry has changed since the days when a musician's career is largely dependent on radio play and it will continue to evolve as technology advances. Sometimes, it is even through the internet alone that an artiste gets their first recognition and then moves on to having their face plastered everywhere.

But what makes a good song and ensures its longevity? That is one secret nobody really knows for sure. Trends in music taste vary from one society to another as well as with any social changes. Top-charting hits will soon become over-exposed, forcing us to scratch our heads and wonder why we even like them in the first place. However there are songs out there that still manage to survive in our iTunes playlists for years and now we affectionately call them, "timeless music".

So we decided to come up with a list of current songs that we can't help but groan every time we turn on the radio or when a co-worker starts singing it from their desk next to us. It may irk us deeply but we still can't stop ourselves from discreetly tapping our feet and humming along. Check out our top 5 below that we predict might just be "timeless music" in disguise.

1. Get Lucky – Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

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French electronic music duo Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter collaborated with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers who are both well-known artistes and producers on one of the hottest tracks of 2013. Cheekily named “Get Lucky” with a catchy dance-able tune, it caught radio fever and with it, Daft Punk managed to clinch a Grammy award for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”. This song has also been covered many times, including the Russian Police Choir at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony. Love it or hate it now, we know that as soon as you hear Nile’s opening riff you will give in to the powers that be and go “Like the legend of the Phoenix…”

You know you want to:

2. I Love It – Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX

Photos sourced from instinctmagazine.com and gesseamongstlions.com

This song catapulted the Swedish US-based electro house/punk/indie pop duo to international fame. Considered as a gift by British singer-songwriter Charli XCX who co-wrote it with their producer friend Patrik Berger, the lyrics speak of frustrations and heartache amidst punchy beats that make it seem like a celebration song. But they sure partied it up on the America’s Got Talent 2013 finale show with an energetic performance medley of “I Love It” and “All Night”.

You know you want to:

3. Burn – Ellie Goulding

Photo sourced from allcelebspics.com

Blessed with a unique voice in the crowded music industry, the 27-year-old songstress released this gem of a song that quickly gained popularity on the airwaves. Built like an anthem, its lyrics motivate self-belief with a tune that breathes freedom for you to live through your passion. Doesn’t that overwhelming feeling of joy just make you want to dance?

You know you want to:

4. Wake Me Up – Avicii featuring Aloe Blacc

Photos sourced from musicismysanctuary.com and rukes.com

Dubbed as the fastest-selling single of 2013, the song featured the young 22-year-old Swedish DJ’s new direction in record-producing and the already recognized soulful vocals of Panamanian-American musician. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, he was recommended by Mike Shinoda to Avicii for collaboration. If you want a fresh take on this global No. 1 hit, check out the acoustic version that will soon be released on Aloe Blacc’s upcoming album.

But you know you still want to:

5. Stay The Night – Zedd featuring Hayley Williams

Photo sourced from blogspot.com

German DJ Zedd has been taking the electronic music world by storm and then made his mark on pop music charts with his hit single “Clarity” with Foxes in 2012. Then he came back the following year with another huge track called “Stay The Night” that features one of the hottest frontwomen of pop rock, Hayley Williams. Hayley herself has been involved in similar collaboration projects, most notably with rapper B.o.B in “Airplanes”. Zedd has been a fan of the band Paramore and her powerhouse vocals for years. According to MTV.com, after writing the lyrics, he knew he wanted her to sing them.

You know you want to:

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