5 Home Remedies for Common Wrist Injuries

5 Home Remedies for Common Wrist Injuries

Tiger Woods injuring his wrist when his club accidentally hit a tree root

Photo sourced from sports.yahoo.com

In the middle of the 2015 Masters Golf Tournament recently, world-renowned golfer Tiger Woods suffered an injury on his right wrist when his club hit a tree root. According to Yahoo! Sports, Wood then provided a rather graphic explanation on his injury to CBS’s Bill Macatee, saying, “A bone kind of popped out and a joint kind of went out of place, but I put it back in”.


Did you know that wrist injuries like this are common in ball and contact sports like golf? Dislocations occur when a bone gets displaced from normal position, causing deformity, pain and decreased mobility. This can be treated by realigning the bone into place (external manipulation of injured area), also known as closed reduction. In a more severe situation, it would have to be treated by surgery, or open reduction.

The wrist anatomy

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For a body part that’s so small compared to the rest of the body, you wrists play a huge role in your daily activities, like playing sports and typing on your computer keyboard. Take a look at your wrist. Inside it, there are 8 small bones known as carpals. These support a tube, called the carpal tunnel, which runs through your wrist. It has tendons and a nerve inside and is covered by a ligament that holds it all together.

writing typing computer laptop keyboard mobile home remedy wrist injury

Chances are, you’re reading this article on your smartphone (all thanks to the power of your wrist!). That action alone can strain your wrist if you don’t rest it enough.

So, if you start experiencing pain in your wrist, you should treat it right away. Check out these 5 simple remedies on how to get relief from common wrist injuries!

effective wrist exercises stretch grip strengthening

Effective exercises for the wrist

Photo sourced from drfoot.co.uk

1. Wrist Exercises

If you experience an ache in your wrist, it is usually a warning sign for you to change posture and/or pattern of movement. To relax the muscles in your wrist, do gentle exercises like wrist stretches, grip strengthening, tendon glide, wrist extension, wrist flexion, pronation and wrist range of motion. You can do them almost anywhere, even at the office.

stretch hands to relieve muscle stress

Stretch your hands to relieve muscle stress

Photo sourced from knoji.com

2. Exercise Props

Stretching your hands and/or arms out can help to alleviate the pain in your wrists. Try this for size: get a flexible modern toothbrush and hold it as pictured above. This action immediately opens up your palm, allowing the muscles to stretch and blood to flow. When you remove the toothbrush, you should feel a nice warm sensation as the muscles relax. Repeat this exercise for one to two minutes every 20 to 30 minutes. For every hour, do this longer for 10 to 15 minutes.

Warrior II Pose Yoga for good overall body stretch

Do the Warrior II Pose in Yoga for a good overall body stretch

Photo sourced from yogabycandace.com

3. Take up Yoga

Yoga is a great way to condition your body and increase flexibility, from opening up your hips, stretching your lower back, all the way to strengthening the smallest of joints in your body like your wrists. Stretching is the perfect way to release tense muscles, so why not join the Yoga classes at SAFRA clubs?

Try the Warrior II Pose:

a. Stand up straight with legs spread out further than hip-distance apart 

b. Turn right foot out, with toes facing the wall to the right, and slightly turn left foot in 

c. Bend right knee, bringing thigh parallel to the floor 

d. Raise your arms so that they’re parallel to the floor 

e. Think about opening up your chest and pulling your shoulder blades together 

f. Keep hands parallel to floor or rotate arms so that hands face out 

g. Turn head to the right and breathe, and stay in this posture for as long as you want 

h. Repeat on left side

Apply gentle pressure when massaging your wrist to prevent further damage

4. Massage your wrist

It’s best not to use the injured hand/wrist for the first 24 hours after injury. Instead, gently massage or rub the problem area to relieve pain. This encourages blood to flow. You can do this yourself, or pamper yourself to a much needed relaxing full body massage. Book an appointment at the Masego The Safari Spa at our Jurong club.

combat pain with paracetamol and get rest

Combat the pain with Paracetamol and get some rest

5. Take over-the-counter medication

If the pain is bothering you, you can try reducing the swelling and pain by taking painkillers. It’s best that you seek your doctor’s advice on which medications to take for the type of pain you are experiencing. There are also over-the-counter medication that you can get without a doctor’s prescription, like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. After consumption, have a good rest!

If the pain and other symptoms still persist or worsen after 24 hours, get medical attention immediately!

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