Chill and Save for Desserts!

Chill and Save for Desserts!

What do you and your friends do after a delicious and satisfying makan session? Hunt for desserts of course! While Singapore is not short of desserts places, especially with the patisseries and concept cafes popping up around town, we still have a sweet tooth to satisfy. Fret not, folks. Here are the 5 savoury dessert outlets worth visiting, and the best thing is they’re all under 10 bucks!

Time to hyper drive your sugar high as we speed from the Eastern style of shaved ice and tau huay to Western cakes and ice cream.

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1. Dessert First

Situated in the bustling Liang Seah Street, a venue known for steamboats and desserts, you would expect tough competition among the stores. And Dessert First is a strong contender. Offering Taiwanese style dessert, this outlet never fails to be packed with youngsters and executives every evening to get their dessert fix. While the décor is economical and settings confined, expect no less a splendid night full of sweet goodness in your mouth.

Must Try

One of their bestseller is the Durian Snow Ice. Using real D24 durians, the durian cream is rich and pungent, like biting into the flesh of the fruit. The thinly shaved ice is silky soft and doesn’t melt easily as compared to the normal ice kachang. Every bite delivered a satisfying durian taste.

If you prefer something warm, try the all-time favourite – Steamed Milk Egg White with Almond Cream (a.k.a steamed milk pudding). A popular traditional Chinese dessert, the texture is heavenly and smooth with a hint of the almond taste.

8 Liang Seah Street, #01-04. Opens on Monday – Thursday, 4.30pm – 1am, Friday – 4.30pm – 2am, Saturday, 12pm – 2am, Sunday 12pm – 1am.

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2. Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts

Mention Jin Jin Hot/Cold Desserts to the old residents of ABC Market and you would have tickled their fond memories of the store’s chendol and tau suan. Though the original owner has retired, thanks to the two new owners they revamped the store and gave its menu a breath of fresh air, re-establishing it to be an iconic brand in ABC Market. As with all good food, be prepared to wait for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Must Try

Their Power Chendol is indeed powerfully sweet. The gula melaka syrup gave the shaved-ice mound a savoury sweetness so sweet you can still taste the pleasant flavour below the slush. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try the tau suan. This popular Teochew dessert looks deceptively simple yet flavourful, and it emits fresh aroma of perfectly boiled mung beans.

Brickwork Hawker Centre (ABC Market), 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-20. Opens on Monday – Tuesday 12.30pm – 10pm, Thursday 12.30pm – 10pm, Friday – Saturday 12.30pm – 10.30pm, Sunday 12.30pm – 10pm.

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3. Lao Ban Soya Bean Curd

Considered the ‘godfather’ of chilled soya bean curd, Lao Ban Soya Bean Curd at the flagship store of Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is a recognised name for local tau huay aficionados. To cope with the strong demand, the savvy owner has opened up many branches around Singapore, so you can experience the silky smooth bean curd at your own convenience.

Must Try

Definitely their signature tau huay! While it appears like a plain jelly pudding, the nicely textured Soya Bean Curd tastes richer and sweeter than other soya bean curds, and it practically melts in your mouth. Comes in original and almond flavour, though the popular one is still the original and it often gets sold out before the stall closes. So better get there quick!

51 Old Airport Road, Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, #01-127, Opens on Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm, and Sunday 1.30pm – 8pm.

4. The Dispensary

If you’re keen of some place more atas with an old new vibe, try The Dispensary. Step into this unassuming café and it will remind you of visiting a Chinese sensei, with the intricate wooden Chinese medicine cabinets as its backdrop. Indeed, this premise has a rich history. Once a thriving dispensary for Tiong Bahru residents, it has since morphed into a café that offers savoury Western desserts with the historical façade kept intact. And that’s how it got its name too.

Must Try

Their cheesecakes are among the bestsellers, and they rightfully deserve to be so. The Granny Smiths Apple Cheesecake offers a refreshing fruity taste without the cheese overpowering it.

While the Blue Berry Almond Cheesecake looks plain, the soft texture of the cake compliments well with the crunchy almonds and the blue berries hidden between the layers. If you’re a coffee drinker, watch how the baristas measure coffee beans using a traditional weighing scale.

69 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168723. Opens on Sunday - Thursday, 9am – 9pm, and Friday- Saturday, 9am – 10pm.

Photo sourced from Honey Creme Singapore Facebook Page

5. Honey Crème

Recently making its debut at 313@ Somerset, this Korean sensation has since been making heatwaves for its dessert-licious soft serve ice cream. While the Korean soft serve craze began with Softtree, the trend boomed when Honey Crème opened its first store in Taiwan in early 2014, subsequently found its popularity in Macau, Hong Kong and now in Singapore. Visit the store early if you want to have a taste of this hot sensation - super-duper long queues is expected.

Must Try

Grab the Honey Creme Organic Cotton Candy Affogato for some Instagram-mable moments. When served, an espresso shot is poured onto the ice cream topped with cotton candy, which are then coagulate into the soft serve below.

For those in need for more sugar kicks, try the Honey Crème Popcorn. The popcorn gives the ice cream a nice salty sweet taste and packs an extra crunch.

313 Orchard Road, 313@ Somerset, #01-37, Singapore 238895, Opens Daily, 11am - 10pm.

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